Hand Abrasion Testing


Abrasion marks on the surface - caused by the human hand - are the main reason for perception of poor quality of a product. 

Hand abrasion is a very complex chemical and mechanical stress on the surface. The TRIBOTOUCH simulates this stress under real conditions according to international standards.



Hand Abrasion Test on Promotional Products 

Many may assume that the use of promotional giveaways for advertising and marketing is no longer useful in the digital age, yet promotional products have stood the test of time and remain an incredibly powerful marketing tool. 

Most promotional products are imprinted with a company name or logo. Regardless of the cost of the product, if the printing becomes unreadable the promotional product loses its value to the advertiser. Even worse, if the printing becomes badly worn, the poor quality of the printing on the branded merchandise may cause a negative association about the quality of the company’s products…

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