Hand Abrasion Testing

Damage to surfaces due to abrasion caused by human hand is the main reasons for perceptions of poor quality.

The sliding of the finger against a surface gives the most bio-mechanical feedback when interacting with objects around us. When touching a surface, the finger performs a mechanical strike, followed by a push-slide motion. Aside from mechanical wear, sweat, body oils, and/or consumer care products from the skin can chemically react with products surfaces; promoting further degradation. This combination of both mechanical and chemical forces can be tested with the TRIBOTOUCH.



TRIBOTOUCH is designed to test lab samples or finished products under real life conditions, incorporating both the mechanical and chemical stresses from finger abrasion which are suggested by international norms. 

The motion of the piston (artificial finger) is electronically controlled. Unlike other, less refined systems which use a pneumatic cylinder which giving variable results, the TRIBOTOUCH uses a linear motor to ensure precise application of pressure and speed every time, over the lifetime of the machine. The high quality of the components used to build TRIBOTOUCH guarantee the machine will be highly reliable with low maintenance for years to come.


Hand Abrasion Test on Promotional Products 

Many may assume that the use of promotional giveaways for advertising and marketing is no longer useful in the digital age, yet promotional products have stood the test of time and remain an incredibly powerful marketing tool. 

Most promotional products are imprinted with a company name or logo. Regardless of the cost of the product, if the printing becomes unreadable the promotional product loses its value to the advertiser. Even worse, if the printing becomes badly worn, the poor quality of the printing on the branded merchandise may cause a negative association about the quality of the company’s products…

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